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ACM TOPS Conflict-of-Interest

  1. ACM Policy For Papers Authored By ACM Editors-in-Chief:  The current ACM TOPS policy regarding EiC submissions is as follows: David Basin (current TOPS EiC) does not submit papers to ACM TOPS. The only exception is papers  invited to any TOPS special issues which typically have a designated Special Issue Guest Editor(s).
  2. The current ACM TOPS policy regarding submissions by those with close connections to the EiC is as follows: A submission where any author has any of the following "connections" to the current EiC: former/current student, recent/current colleague, and recent/current/frequent co-author/collaborator, will be assigned to one of the Associated Editors who will act as a "proxy EiC" for that submission.
  3. ACM TOPS Conflict-of-Interest (CoI) policy regarding relationships between:

    a) Associate Editors and Authors:
    An associate editor who has one of the following CoI-s with any author of an assigned submission must notify the Editor-in-Chief and be recused from handling this submission.

    b) Authors and Reviewers: 
    A prospective reviewer who has one of the following CoI-s with any author of a submission must notify the Associate Editor and not perform the review.

    • employment at the same institution or company (current or recent)
    • candidate for employment at the same institution
    • received an honorarium or stipend from the same institution within one year
    • co-authored a book or a paper within the last 48 months
    • co-principal investigator on grant or research project (current or recent)
    • actively collaborating on a current project
    • family relationship
    • close personal relationship
    • deep personal animosity
    • strong professional rivalry
    • graduate advisee/advisor relationship
    • academic "siblings" (i.e., same PhD advisor)
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